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Curriculum Vitae - Ashley Vaughan Smith

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Ashley Smith – yuumei at yuumei dot co dot uk – yuumei.co.uk
If you would like my address or phone number, please email me.

Personal Details

Name Ashley Vaughan Smith Tel (please contact me)
DOB 29/05/1987
Address (please contact me) Email yuumei at yuumei dot co dot uk
Website yuumei.co.uk

Personal Statement

I'm a driven and very keen programmer with an eye on the details of the finer points of programming. I am actively using a variety of programming languages, API's and operating systems on a daily basis and enjoy programming in my own time on various home projects. I am hard-working, and equally able to collaborate in a team as I am capable of getting on and working independently to get the job done.


2:2 Degree in Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons)
University of Derby Year 4 (2008 — 2009)
  • Advanced 3D Graphics Techniques
  • Advanced Research Project
  • AI Techniques for Games Programming
  • Languages, Platforms and Tools
  • Network Programming
  • Small Buisness Start-Up
  • Videogame Middleware Technology
University of Derby Year 2 (2006 — 2007)
  • Applied Games Development
  • Games Development Techniques
  • Interactive 3D Graphics
  • Intro. To 3D Graphics Programming
  • Mobile Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Development iii
University of Derby Year 1 (2005 — 2006)
  • Communication And Web Design
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Network Concepts
  • Games Design
  • Ludology
  • Software Development ii
  • Software Development i
Droitwich Spa Sixth-Form (2003 — 2005)
  • Product Design (A-level)
  • Maths (AS-level)
  • Information Technology (A-level)
  • Physics (A-level)
Worcester College of Technology (2003)
  • Introduction To C++ (NVQ)

Relevant Skills

I am a good team worker and during my placement year I enjoyed training the junior members of the team that joined half-way through. I had to interact and meet with other members of the team regularly as-well as interpret the requirements of other departments.
I enjoy the technical difficulties of making code optimally cross-platform and designing code to be run on different machines, by different users. I have developed on the XBOX 360, PS3, Windows, Apple Macs and multiple Linux distributions. I am interested in design patterns and am not afraid to look at technologies or ideas that are new or different.
Communication and collaboration with other members of the team is essential in all of the daily work I do. Working under pressure, meeting targets and generally getting things done on time and to specification are all things that I have experience with.
Game API's I have used and have experience with include Gamebryo, Open Scene Graph, Unreal engine, Ogre, Irrlicht, OpenSG.

Technical Skills

My technical skills include the following; some examples of which can be found in my portfolio:

Expert at —
  • C, C++, C#, Java, D, STL, boost libraries, extensive use of design patterns
  • Library, framework and middleware development
  • XBOX 360, PS3, Windows development, Linux (CLI) development, CMake
  • Interacting with SQL databases i.e. Postgres
  • Subversion, CVS and version control
  • PHP, MySQL, XML, XSL and web design and development
  • MMO development, large codebases (30000+ files), large teams (50+), small teams
  • Scrum, agile development, XP, contract programming
Experience with —
  • Distributed and decentralised networking, cryptography and security
  • DirectX, OpenGL, HLSL/GLSL shaders
  • TK, Python, Bourne Shell
  • Bug tracking systems such as bugzilla and JIRA


Monumental Games Ltd. (2007-2008) — Nottingham

I started work for Monumental Games in April as a junior designer and worked hard to get a chance to get into programming. I was quickly promoted to a full designer then eventually got promoted to a programmer, where I was expected to get up to speed and start developing immediately. Monumental Games create MMOG's and I was fully involved in the development of Football Superstars from beginning to end. In design I mostly used the custom tools and scripting features. In software my work involved but was not limited to: modifying the core server processes including the proxy server framework, database logging functionality, scripting enhancements and having to modify the middleware that Monumental Games licence to others - the Monumental Technology Suite. Later re-named to PRIME.

Junior Software Engineer at Monumental Games Ltd. (2009-2010) — Nottingham

I started back at Monumental Games and was immediately put onto the console project MotoGP 09/10 for Capcom. This was a challenge, but one I enjoyed as I had not had experience with the Wii, PS3 or XBOX before. I became proficient with the technology and quickly became a fully integrated member of the development team heavily involved in crunch. After MotoGP 09/10 which included DLC we started the next iteration MotoGP 10/11 and I was put in charge of the front-end of the game.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a deep interest in the culture of Japan and Asia. I have been learning Japanese for two years and enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga in my spare time. I also enjoy working on my home programming projects including running my own linux server and helping out with open source projects on the internet.


University Programme Leader

(please contact me)

Racing Studio Lead, Monumental Games Ltd.

(please contact me)

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